This Decree regulates the management of construction costs including total construction investment, construction estimate, construction contract estimate, construction norms, construction prices, construction price indexes, payment for and finalization of construction contracts, etc.

Accordingly, one of the new points of this Decree is adding more regulated entities, including all projects funded by state budget, instead of projects that used at least 30% of state budget as prescribed in the old Decree (Article 2)

Particularly, projects funded by other sources are either applied or not

This Decree takes effect from May 10, 2015 and replaces Decree No. 112/2009/ND-CPstatus3 dated December 14, 2009.

Number 32
Symbol 2015/NĐ-CP
Issue date 25/3/2015
Effective date 10/5/2015
Expired Date null
Signer Nguyen Tan Dung
Descriptions Decree No. 32/2015/ND-CP dated March 25, 2015 of the Government on construction cost management
Office Government
Type of Document Decree
Field Construction Economics